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Why Online Reputation Matters

Around 84% of American adults use the internet every day. That is why it is essential that your business has a strong and good online reputation. Those users are actively looking for products or services to use or purchase, and they also look at the companies that sell them. It is crucial that your company is presented positively online to have an advantage over the competitors. The online reputation is made up of two components: the professional image and all the people who work to uphold it.

The professional image of a company is how they are presented to consumers. Branding is very significant to a business because it is how consumers are persuaded to buy products and services. It can also make you stand out against your competitor, an example of this is to have a memorable logo. Here is a list of what makes a professional side to business:

Reviews: These can tell a lot about the company’s products or services because they come directly from consumers. One bad review is not as likely to sway consumers not to purchase, but a couple can make an impact. Human nature tends to focus on the negative rather than the positive when it comes to buying decisions.

News Articles: If your company is attached to a news article, it can reach more potential consumers. You must be careful if the material is negative because that can connect a stigma to your brand.

Social Media Posts: This plays a significant role in online reputation because this is one of the most interactive ways to persuade consumers. If a negative post comes out about your business, it can spread like wildfire. It is essential to create a positive social media presence because that will allow your followers and potential consumers to engage with your company positively.

Employee Comments and Opinions: If there are unhappy ex-employees, they can try to market your business negatively even if what they say is untrue.

The second component is about the personal reputations of the employees. Every employee influences how they represent the business inside and outside of the office. Here is a list of factors that can affect personal reputations:

Pictures on Social Media: Even if inappropriate pictures are not yours but are tagged, that can still make a negative impact. One lousy post can put a negative stigma on not just the employee but the company itself. When you work for a business, you are always representing them.

Legal Issues: Like mentioned above, when you work for a business you are always representing them, even on your own time not at work. If you end up involved in legal issues, the company will be impacted and affected, especially if it gains media attention.

Negative Reviews/Press: When people go to write a review about service, they can tend to target employees if they feel positive or negative about their services. Negative reviews can put an impact on the business because that employee is representing the company and how they treat their customers.

If you come across a bad review of your company or one of the employees, there are ways to manage and maintain your online reputation. The first step is to know what people are saying about your business. After you are aware, you can focus on what impacts the rep and make some changes. You can see if it is about the company itself or an employee because although the factors are similar, there is a difference in how you can make changes. For example, if your business receives a bad review on Yelp, you can either directly reply to that upset customer, or learn how to improve and change what the complaint was about. Online reputation is critical because there is always going to be an increasing number of internet users. The internet is now where society relies on receiving information and opinions, so as a business owner you want to make sure that its online reputation is at its best. If you are struggling to build an online reputation for your business, the One Question Reputation App can help!

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