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The Importance of Video Testimonials

Online reviews are critical for three reasons: they put customer’s minds at ease, drive sales, and increase search rankings. The strength of these online reviews is the same as its weakness: anyone can anyone can write them! This allows for a more authentic experience for potential customers, since they can hear from actual customers instead of only marketers. However, without any supervision, it is unlikely that a business’ reviews will represent the average customer experience. Only a small percentage of customers actually leave online reviews. This leaves a lot of room for the internet to corrupt the reviews.

ReviewMeta analyzed 7 million reviews on Amazon and found that 30% of those reviews were either incentivized or manipulated. Bazaarvoice found that 44% of U.S. consumers say they would be more trusting of reviews if they saw a trust mark and accompanying description of anti-fraud policies.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, but there is a growing knowledge that some reviews can’t be trusted. 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews. A positive reputation is one of the most powerful marketing assets a business has to convince new customers to contact them, but sometimes a company might sound too good to be true. In order to convince someone to make a purchase, reviews must be authentic.

How can you ensure your reviews are authentic? Video testimonials!

Written testimonials are common across every business, but reading long texts can get boring and overwhelming. Video testimonials offer a real customer’s side to the company and showcase one’s emotions through personal experiences. They show potential customers why and how your product can be beneficial to their own lives in a way no artificial text can.

It doesn’t matter what promises you make to your customers because people will believe what others say about your business over what you say. Recent studies have shown that sales have increased over 20% on websites that use video testimonials.

Video testimonials allow viewers to see a person’s facial expressions and see the review, as well as hear it, so they can make their own judgments on how truthful the testimonial is. Written reviews could be written by anyone, but a video review puts a real face behind the message.

Video testimonials can also showcase the different clientele that can benefit from your service or product. With online reviews, you usually only see the person’s name. You don’t get to learn about the person’s gender, age group, or other demographics from a written review. With video, you can broaden your customer base. A good testimonial is given by someone clients can relate to, and this is the perfect way.

Video has already become one of the most effective content mediums in today’s marketing strategies. If you’re still not sold, website visitors are 64% more likely to follow through with a conversion after watching a video. A Forrester report found videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results. Video testimonials will do more than just convince potential buyers, but they have a higher chance of being seen.

One Question Reputation App is the perfect option for a business looking to manage their online reputation and generate authentic reviews. Customers don’t only have the option to leave a written review, but a video review or audio review. Many businesses from retail stores to restaurants to body shops use the One Question Reputation App and have seen drastic improvements in their online reputation. The One Question Reputation App makes sure to only post the positive reviews, which will work in your favor. The positive reviews in a video format will ensure that your reviews are honest.

You should urge your customers to leave a video review over an audio or text review. One easy way to convince them is by offering a special offer or a free item for leaving a video review. 7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to. Most businesses don’t provide real video customer reviews and schedule video shoots for “real” testimonials. However, most of these reviews are scripted and professionally edited. There’s nothing authentic when professionals have the ability to cut out and piece together whichever information they choose to share.

If potential customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations, seeing a real customer talking about their experience will help the recommendation feel more personal. With the One Question Reputation App, your video reviews will prove to be authentic and in real time.  Contact Digital Marketing Sapiens at (210) 582-5842 to find out how the One Question Reputation App can benefit your company.

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