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The Importance of Online Reviews

While digital marketing has become an important strategy for businesses to establish their online reputations, reviews are crucial to maintaining that rep. Word of mouth remains as a powerful tool for marketing a business online. Because it comes directly from consumers, it can either positively or negatively influence your sales as a business.

Online reviews are essential for your business because it can determine the success of your company. Crowdsourcing websites like google or yelp are the main factors that can influence the success because most of your consumers use them daily to make purchasing decisions. Online reviews have become very accessible over the years. Now you can get them within seconds on your mobile device or a computer. Also, the visibility of the review has increased. For example, when you Google “the best taco stand nearby” results pop within seconds. Consumers don’t even have to click on the link because they can see the review after they search. That is why it is crucial to building up positive reviews on your business.

Reviews can help market your products or services you offer at your business. There are two ways to increase marketing efforts. First is search engine optimization; when you type your company name into Google, you want to make sure there is a definite presence. Google is one example of a search engine that has extensive databases of information that could help your company. Even if your company name does not rank towards the top, it can still appear on the list of options after the consumer searches. The more reviews you get, the higher your company can rank on the search list. Second is buyer decision making; this involves review sites such as Yelp. These type of review sites have become much more credible over the years because the number of reviews posted has increased. You have access to positive and negative reviews about businesses, star ratings, and basic information on what the business offers. This gives prospective buyers a range of information that can help determine their decision making.

To increase your search on Google, a professional image on Yelp, and success, collect as many reviews as you can. If there are some negative, that will not destroy your business; you must learn and improve from the criticism. If you are a business struggling with collecting and maintaining reviews, use the One Question Reputation App!

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