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Online Reputation Building for Attorneys

Attorneys are some of the most trustworthy professionals, but some people can have a hard time trusting someone new to help during desperate times. The internet is full of reputation websites open for anyone and everyone to review a business, service, or product. Some of these reviews can make even a good attorney look bad.


Your Negative Reviews WILL Cost You Potential Clients

Some common reasons attorneys get bad reviews is because of opposing parties who are angry with their outcome, competing lawyers trying to bring down the competition, angry individuals who are mad the lawyer wouldn’t represent their case, and the list goes on. The good news is that some people will leave good reviews. The key to an attractive online reputation is to make sure the good reviews outweigh the bad. 83 percent of consumers look at online reviews as their first step to choosing an attorney.

People trust real people to tell them what being your client is like. Past clients are simply more authentic than your marketing materials in the eyes of a potential future client. When someone selects an attorney, they are looking for someone who they can TRUST. Potential clients read these online reviews and can make rash judgments if you will be able to effectively represent them. They won’t pay as much attention to your records as they will to what you have done for your clients and how you have helped them.


Your Organic Reviews Will Skew NEGATIVE

A survey from 2015 found that 57 percent of legal consumers left online reviews, but what about the other half? Even if someone has a good experience, it isn’t always likely that they will write about it. After all, they hired you with the expectation of a positive outcome! When everything goes well, it means they get to continue their lives and forget about the prior rough patch.

However, if someone has a bad experience, those negative emotions serve as a regular reminder of what happens. Without a positive resolution, dissatisfied clients often lash out online. You need to do damage control before they start venting to the internet.


Being PROACTIVE With Reviews Can Salvage Your Online Reputation

Before you think it’s too late to save your online reputation, think again! All you need is more positive online reviews. These new reviews will sit at the top of the list; so your bad reviews will be pushed down and your stars will increase!

Seeking legal help is a lengthy, stressful, and expensive, process, so your online reputation should show clients that you are worth the investment. This is where the One Question Reputation App comes in.

The One Question Reputation App collects real reviews in real time so that you can take control of your online reputation. The app consists of one question: How would you rate your experience? They can choose anywhere between extremely dissatisfied (1 star) to extremely satisfied (5 stars). After clients leave their rating, they will be asked to leave a review – either through text, video, or audio. The positive reviews (4 or 5 stars) will automatically be posted to your website, and the clients will receive a confirmation text requesting to add their review online.

You might be asking yourself, “What happens to those negative reviews?” Any review that is rated 3 stars or less will not be posted online, but will be sent directly to YOU. This gives you the opportunity to learn about the problem, address it, and solve it before they go post about it online. Plus, if you do a prompt, thorough job resolving their issue, you could gain another positive review.


Put Your Best Foot Forward With Potential Clients

The One Question Reputation App is an excellent option to get clients to leave reviews because it is so quick and easy. Plus, since attorneys need to form lasting relationships with their clients, the reviews will sound personal and authentic.

An effective way to get a good review is to catch your clients when they’re at their happiest – usually this is when they’re receiving their check or after they’ve won in court. Be careful not to ask a client to leave a review too early during their work with you. You will be able to get a more comprehensive review after they have had gotten to know you more.

Make sure you integrate the One Question Reputation App into your overall process. Asking for reviews may feel odd at first but, once you have integrated it into your office’s procedures, it is worth the few extra minutes it takes to fill out.


Stay Relevant Online With CURRENT Content

After using the One Question Reputation App for a while, you might think you have gained enough positive reviews and want to stop trying. DON’T! Current feedback shows that you are still in the game, representing clients and winning cases. No matter how good your reviews are, if no one has “heard” from you in years, you are no longer relevant. Who knows? Maybe your office is closed now!

Plus, 40% of consumers form an opinion about a business by reading 1 to 3 reviews. 73% have formed an opinion by the time they have read 6 reviews. You want to make sure you are getting reviews with great, authentic feedback. You might have 100 reviews that consist of just a few words and only 12 reviews that are detailed. When it comes to looking for an attorney, people will look for the most helpful information they can find.


Your Online Reputation Can Earn You New Clients

If you only hear about online reviews when your peers are discussing another past client freaking out online or the latest negative online review lawsuit, you may have a Pavlovian response to discussions about them. Your firm cannot afford for you to bury your head in the sand any longer!

A stellar online reputation is an easy way to get free exposure to potential clients and more avenues to spread your name. Even toothpicks have hundreds of reviews on amazon… just imagine how important reviews are for attorneys!

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