Manage Your Reputation As A Spa & Salon

While every business needs to manager its reputation, some are more dependent on word-of-mouth than others. Salons and spas, for instance, need to place special attention on reputation management. If your spa or salon has a poor reputation, then your business is going to suffer, no matter how much energy you put into sprucing the place up. Did you know that 90% of your leads will be directly correlated to the opinions of prior customers, voiced online or offline? Many times, businesses do not feel the need to look into managing their reputation and they are very much mistaken.

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The Types of Clients in Salons and Spas

Client Type 1 – There are those who quickly google what hair salon and spa is nearby and check the ratings. They will glance at the number of stars and amount of reviews given and decide accordingly. This type of client does not have any prior brand loyalty, meaning they are open to suggestion and could become a repeat customer if given a good enough experience.

First impressions are everything for these clients! They need reviews to speak to them about positive outcomes and efficient times. Similarly, they will judge your negative reviews. This type of client will quickly assume that the stories from the negative reviews could happen to them and make their decisions accordingly.

These types of clients may also look at the environment and cleanliness, along with the distance. Often times, these clients are willing to drive an extra few miles to a salon or spa that has the reviews that appeal to them.

Client Type 2 – These clients are a lot more involved in their research. They will look at a salon or spa’s portfolio and research reviews on multiple websites.

Often times, these clients are referred to a spa or salon and they are double checking before committing to a visit. These types of clients may even visit in person to see the work you have done in the past. These clients will typically drive up to 45 minutes for a haircut and are willing to pay a premium if they feel the quality is up to par. These clients are a bigger check but also require a lot more work to obtain.

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It is important to understand that, while these clients approach your business in very different ways, you can prepare for them in the exact same way. Make sure your salon or spa has an excellent reputation!

A reputation is not grown with coupons and commercials, but instead by their ratings and reviews. Too often, businesses forget to reflect on their reputation and take appropriate action based on what they find. You need to understand that, to grow your business, you need to retain the past client and encourage the spreading a positive message. To succeed at both of these goals, you need to hit a home run with current clients. This gets them to repeatedly come to you and also share your work with their friends.

Also, another way to take advantage of current, happy clients is to help them leave you positive feedback and reviews on your business pages online. This will help others who are browsing the internet to find your spot.

When looking at the salon and spa business, it’s easy to assume that people will simply search for the nearest location and go there. However, studies show that over 68% of clients will look instead at the reputation of the business. The same study also found 90% of people consider online reviews trustworthy. If your online reputation is not up to snuff, your business is going to miss out!


What about the bad reviews?

No matter how fantastic your spa or salon, there will be always be bad reviews. Some clients simply cannot be pleased!

That doesn’t mean that you should downplay or disregard an online presence. Quite the opposite! By deciding on a system that accurately captures negative reviews, you create an opportunity to resolve the issues and win over unhappy customers. In most cases clients just want to hear an apology, feel heard and move along. The bad reviews give your business a chance to add a human touch to an otherwise purely digital format.


Besides clients, how else will a negative reputation hurt?

When you have a negative online reputation, it will also hurt your businesses in other ways. When a client leaves negative reviews and those stack up those will hurt your chances of recruiting stylists in the future. A study by Forbes magazine shows that 84% of people will look up the company they are applying to and the reviews of the specific branch. Nobody wants to work somewhere the ratings are low and their client pool is limited. Having your reputation in check will give yourself more leverage if more people are giving positive reviews. This will cause more applicants to apply to your business and help give you the upper hand in this business.

The biggest problem many businesses face is that people are very much ready to leave a negative review but slow to leave a positive review since they don’t feel the need to do so. This makes it the responsibility of the business owner to make sure that your business is preforming to the best of its ability and to encourage happy customers to remember to leave reviews. Reputation management can be simply done with right the steps and just by understanding that it’s all about listening to your customers!


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