Importance of Online Reputation

Importance of Online Reputation

Why You MUST Have Great Online Reputation

Having a great online reputation should be a business’s top priority! The value of ratings for restaurants, hospitals, salons, and other fields cannot be overestimated. 85% of potential clients trust online ratings just as much as word of mouth reviews by friends. That sounds amazing but it shouldn’t be surprising. When customers and clients need a service, they do not look at how much time and effort you put into building your company. Instead, they look at the satisfaction of your clients!

Whether it’s the quality of service, the reliability of the staff, or the skill level of those involved; you MUST showcase your businesses attributes online for today’s market!

What exactly falls under online reputation?

Your online reputation encompasses a very broad spectrum of digital platforms, each with many major components that must be carefully monitored at all times. It is more than just YELP reviews! It is important to monitor on different mediums the impact of your performance.

Social media is considered to be the biggest factor in online reputation. Only 22% of clients will leave a good review but 67% are inclined to leave a bad review after their experience. Whether its attacking tweets about your service or a giant post on Facebook about your staff, you must think responsibly when responding to social posts. Potential customers read these negative reviews both to see what the problems are and how you resolved them. Both are important! Your target audience values authenticity and, more often than not, they will pick a business with 25 four star ratings over one with 2 five star ratings.

Online reviews on websites like Yelp and Google are very hard to maintain as they need a special approach when trying to resolve issues in the future. Many reviews on websites are up permanently and sometimes you do not have the ability to respond. Because you do not have any control over the platform hosting these reviews, it is important to encourage happy customers to review your business right there and then. Otherwise, they are prone to forgetting, which leaves your business open to negative, vengeful reviews that do not accurately represent your average customer’s experience.

The One Question Reputation App by Digital Marketing Sapiens is a great example on how to capture reviews before customers leave your location. This enhance their overall experience and turns happy customers into promoters.

Why should businesses be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE online?

Most businesses’ core values and objectives place an excellent customer experience at the center of their goals. A business can have the best products but, with no customers, they are destined for failure. By being proactive, you are showing your clients that their needs are the most important part for your business.

The difference of being proactive verse reactive is that one is preventive while the other is trying to clean up the mess that has already occurred. With the power of the internet and word of mouth through social media, removing a guffaw from the public eye is much harder than it used to be. Being proactive helps businesses set the tone on their reviews and help control the flow of information. Businesses will also show that they are always striving to improve their business and help the client have a better experience.

How can you make your online reputation stand out?

When developing your online reputations, be your own advocate! It is very important for employees to go through and rank their own companies or write their own reviews. Having actual customers write reviews can help the businesses grow as a whole because their messages would spread to their circles!

Your range is also important. Your range of reviews need to increase as having only family members post will only get so far in circles. Having different clients of different genders, ages, and socio-economic classes will lead to reaching out to those within different circles.

Your online reputation can also grow by the quantity of reviews. Like stated above, it is important to have a large quantity of reviews which will show consistency over a period of time rather than a handful of good reviews. Reliability is known to be one of the most important factors especially in fields which require care. Along with quantity of reviews, it is important to have the quality of reviews. This can lead to a upper hand when doing future business. When a client asks saying why are your prices the way they are, your online reviews and reputation can show an organic and reliable way to show how your businesses stand the way it is and people respect it.

Like it or not, an online reputation is one of the most important aspects of a business. A social media outlet and online reviews are more than a marketing tool. They are a snapshot of the company as a whole. You have to make sure that your online reputation is kept to the highest standard of possible at all times!

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