How to Get More Reviews on Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook are completely aware of how important customer reviews are for building a successful business – which is why each of them created new programs to help businesses succeed. When BOTH of these massive corporations offer to help you with anything, you better make sure to listen closely and act fast! If you don’t take the effort to learn how to use the tools they’re providing you with, you’re pretty much failing your own business.

Every business owner understand the importance of online reviews, but not many are actually trying to do something about it. Instead, they are focusing on spending money to gain new leads and customers. If you think about it, it’d be a lot easier for leads to turn into customers if they can see what you’ve done and how you’ve helped others! Showcase the quality of your brand with reviews and social proof.

Here is what you can do to start getting more reviews on Google and Facebook:

Ask for reviews with this important question

Of course, the easiest way to get reviews is to just ask! You can use your own judgment to be able to tell if someone has had a good experience. Most people won’t leave reviews unless they’re prompted to. You’d be surprised by how many people will leave a review if you just ask!

However, there is one important question you should lead with: “Do you consider yourself a helpful person?” Research has shown that asking this simple question greatly increases the chances of getting people to help you when you ask them for a favor afterwards. A study by Robert Cialdini asked this question to random people before asking them to complete a survey. The study found that 77.3 percent of those people left a review! The remaining people who were surveyed did not.

If the customer you ask says “yes” to being helpful, let them know that you will be sending them an invitation to provide feedback about their experience. Make sure you tell them that it will be very helpful to the business if they give their honest opinions.

Automate your reputation marketing process

At Digital Marketing Sapiens, some of our clients use the One Question Reputation App to help them get reviews. Our clients have tablets that contain the app, and we urge them to use it as part of their checkout process. The review app is only one question and leaves the option for customers to leave text, audio, or video reviews!

Here’s the best part. Only the positive reviews can be seen by the public. Not only do the positive reviews get posted online, but the person who left a review will receive a text or email of their review – prompting them to copy and paste it to other outlets! Instead of those negative reviews being posted, they are immediately sent to a manager to resolve the issue in real-time.

Share reviews across your social media platforms

Don’t let reviews just sit there online! Share those great reviews and testimonials all over the internet – after all, you earned them!

If you show online users that you take care of your customers, they will be more inclined to like or follow your business’ page. Once they have become fans, you can easily turn them into customers.

Remember, you don’t have to copy and paste reviews into your posts. Spend some time creating something that viewers will want to look at. Try turning those text reviews into image cards, and post the review as an image. Then, you can talk about how great your customers are in the body of your post! Once you start sharing your reviews, others will be more likely to leave reviews.

Highlight reviews and testimonials on multiple pages on your website

Do you really think that potential customers are going to go straight to your testimonials tab? It’s not very likely. First, they need to generate interest in your brand. Then, they will most likely read what others have to say about your business.

There’s no law that says you have to limit the reviews you showcase! If you have a page discussing your services, feature a review on the page where a customer is raving about the incredible service she received. It can also help to your advantage if you have a special deals page on your website. After you discuss the great deals you offer, feature one or two powerful testimonials near the submit button. You can also feature reviews on order forms and checkout pages so potential clients will feel certain about their decision to choose your business.

Get video testimonials!

In today’s society, it can be hard to trust what we read online. So how can we prove that a review is true or worth believing? Video testimonials! You don’t need a fancy video shoot, just a camera or phone that can take video.

In fact, capturing someone’s experience in real time at your business can make your reviews seem truly authentic. Video testimonials show people’s true emotions, which can’t be shown over text. Remember, customers easily have the opportunity to do this with the One Question Reputation App. Once you get those video reviews, share, share, share! Videos already perform great on social media, so use those reviews to your advantage! Don’t just tell everyone what your business can do for them, SHOW THEM.

If you are interested in growing and improving your business’ online reputation, the One Question Reputation App is essential. Call (210) 582-5842 to get started!

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