Get the Most Out of the One Question Reputation App

Our CEO, Ajay Tejwani, created the One Question Reputation App because he noticed that businesses in the service industry want feedback in real time to protect their online reputation. Most people are only inclined to post online reviews when they’ve had a horrible experience. Many angry clients leave an establishment and write negative comments online, making the issue public before the business even has the opportunity to solve the issue.

The One Question Reputation App gives businesses the tools they need to prevent unhappy customers from going directly online and gives companies the chance to solve the issues quickly and efficiently. If your business gets a low rating, the manager will be notified in real time so they can resolve the problem before it’s too late to change the customer’s opinion.

While people have great experiences with various businesses every day, they probably won’t even think to post about each positive experience. It is understandable, since customers’ days continue beyond a business’ walls. It is easy to get distracted and an experience that is only good isn’t noteworthy. It is expected! The One Question Reputation App is designed to capture the customers’ experience in real time. That way, there is no time to forget. Your business can benefit from this in a number of ways.

To get started, we need to learn how businesses can benefit from using the One Question Reputation App.


  • Strengthen your online reputation
  • Provide proactive customer service
  • Generate business referrals
  • Boost search engine rankings
  • Build a customer database
  • Improve your business

Now, we can look at what steps you should take to help you get the most out of the One Question Reputation App.

  1. Schedule Reports Weekly

By accessing the Dashboard, you can edit what you would like reported to you and how often you would like to receive reports. You might choose to receive updates every two weeks or even once a month. The most efficient way to track how your business is doing is to receive reports once a week.

By receiving regular updates, you can take advantage to any patterns, good or bad, to improve your business. For instance, you can look into who was working during the times when people had negative experiences. You can then have a meeting with your team to find out what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening again.

  1. Schedule Reports by Location

Businesses with multiple locations can use the One Question Reputation App’s reporting with even more detail. In your Dashboard, you can request reports by location. You can learn which locations are receiving positive feedback, negative feedback, or if the reviews for each location are improving. This breakdown allows you to address locations specifically, instead of applying online feedback to all locations. If one location is good at something that is an issue for another location, then you can get details directly from your customers on what makes one work and the other fail.

  1. Integrate the App into the Checkout Process

Many businesses try to get reviews with email reminders or helpful signs. These are intrusive to your customer’s day. The One Question Reputation App, however, can be integrated into the checkout process. Educate your employees about what the One Question Reputation App is. Then, train them on how to present the tablet to the customer and how to lead someone through the app if they have questions. We have training videos to assist with this process.

Some businesses choose to leave the tablet on a stand by the door or checkout counter. This is efficient for a business with limited seating or with a fast-paced environment. If your offices have a large seating area, you should keep the tablet behind the desk so you can personally hand it to them to complete the survey.

For example, a restaurant can train their waiters to present the tablet to their guests when they are bringing their check. A salon, however, could leave the tablet on a stand by the checkout desk. While the receptionist is taking care of the transaction, they can urge the customer to take a short minute to review their salon on the tablet.

  1. Assign Supervisors and Assistant Managers for Updates

Having your manager receive real time notifications if a customer leaves a negative review is an integral part of our app. With the One Question Reputation App, you can delegate who receives the negative updates by accessing the Dashboard. It can be the manager, supervisor, or anyone you choose. Having multiple people in authority receive these updates will ensure someone gets to the angry customer before he leaves and can help with internal communication.

  1. Offer a Special

After your customer leaves a review with the One Question Reputation App, a Thank You email will automatically go to the email address they entered. This allows you to reward positive reviews with coupons and discounts. Additionally, a text message is sent to the customer’s phone that encourages them to copy and paste their review to Google+ and any other social media accounts of yours. By doing this, you build a relationship with the customer online.

  1. Encourage video reviews

The value of customer reviews lies in their authenticity. Consumers are overwhelmed by advertisements. You can – and should – toot your own horn but it can become white noise after a while. Reviews from other customers, however, allow customers to see what they believe is an authentic interpretation of how their experience with your business may be. This is why you must encourage video reviews. More than anything else, these are authentic! Our client, John Herchman, told us, “The audio and video reviews cannot be faked and they are truly authentic. It took only a couple of minutes to do the review, so customers loved it!!” A lot of people don’t like to see themselves on camera so, if they resist doing a video review, suggest recording their voice instead.

A lot of customers don’t like to fill out surveys because of how long it takes to complete them. It’s more busywork for their already busy days. That means it’s up to you to catch your customers before they walk out the door. Personally hand them the tablet, and ask them to review your business. Here is an example of how to approach your customer:

“Before you go, please take a quick second to answer just one question about your experience with us. You can choose to leave us more feedback if you’d like. We read, watch, and listen to every review. This helps us improve our business to make your experience the best it can be.”

By following this format, you are letting the customer know it can be done fast and that their voice matters. This shows that you are making the customer a priority. Happy customers will help generate more customers for your business by talking about their great experience. One of our clients, Scott Keeler, said his negative reviews fell 50% in his first two months using the One Question Reputation App!

The One Question Reputation App can also help your business in search engine rankings. The more customers that review your business and post it online, the more additional interactions and engagements with your business. Conversion rates can increase from positive reviews and ratings. Adrian Martinez from Smoke Restaurant says, “this has been the most cost effective solution with reviews on our website that helped us with search rankings as well.” The One Question Reputation App has proven that it helps all kind of businesses improve their customer service in-person and their reputation online.

Video Testimonial

Chef Brian West

80% reduction in negative online reviews