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Comparision List

Feature OQRA Listen360 Original Review
Pricing Affordable pricing/location* NOT KNOWN NOT KNOWN
Customer Satisfaction Score
Mobile App for iOS
Mobile App for Android
Branded For Your Business
Audio and Video Reviews
Ability to Share on Social Media in Real-time
GOOGLE-friendly Microsite
Integration with Website
Real-time email notification
Real-time text notification for neagtive reviews
All Businesses Can Use This Tool
One Question for Customers
Ability to Review Individual Employee (e.g., Hair Stylist, Masseus etc.)
Ability to know your Promoters and Detractors
Overall Rating Widget
Ability to Schedule Reports
Ability to post FAKE reviews
Automated emails to Brand Promoters in real-time
Integration with Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and Pinterest
Ability to find clients whose expereince was turned negative to positive
Ability to fix customer issues before they leave the premise
Privacy is protected for all clients - HIPPA Compliant
Ability to use these reviews in other marketing materials
Ability to find repeat customers
Send coupon and specials to Brand Promoters
Store Managers Take accountability for online reputation
Text Mining
Pricing based per tablet NOT KNOWN
Pricing Affordable pricing/location* NOT KNOWN NOT KNOWN
* Minimum 12 month commitment

OQRA Application

Real Time! Real Customers! Real Experiences!
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PERA Application

Professional Experience Reputation App
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