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Do’s and Dont’s of Responding to Bad Reviews

If you are a business owner, you know how important reviews are. They can either make or break the success of your business. A negative review, regardless of the quality of work or how many people love your company, can still happen. At first, one negative review may not seem like a big deal, but once it starts to receive attention and more start to build up, it can negatively affect business. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations. It is always best to address the situation if it occurs. Here are some of the do’s when responding to a bad review:

Acknowledge the issue: Even if you do not think the customer is right in the bad review, it is crucial to address it still. For example, it is always good to start out with “Thank you for providing feedback…”. It is important to thank the customer for bringing the situation to your attention. If they did not, you would have no idea that the issue occurred, and it could keep on happening.

Apologize: If you feel that your customer is in the wrong, it is still important to apologize for the inconvenience. It is essential to take the high road as a business and issue an apology for the negative review. Not only will the apology appease the customer, but it also lets other customers know that you care about them and providing high levels of service. Make sure that the apology is sincere and straight to the point.

Explain: It can depend on the situation if this is necessary. Sometimes you may need to provide more information to clear up the case, even if you have already apologized. When you give the explanation, take responsibility for any inconvenience that was brought upon the customer. To end it, you can offer advice to the customer on how to re-engage with your business, so that they can have a better experience next time.

Provide compensation: As a customer, there is nothing worse than having a negative experience with a business, and they do not address it. As a company, be willing to go above and beyond for your customer to get their business again. An apology can only do so much, but maybe giving them a 20% credit on their next service will provide the customer more of an incentive for them to use your business again. That could take that one-time customer to a lifetime customer.

Invite the reviewer to discuss the situation: As a company, you want to resolve the case with the customer offline. It could either be in person or over the phone. This will show the consumer that as a business, you care about their feelings and want to take the time to resolve this issue, so it will not happen again. Make sure to provide your name, title, and direct contact information if you have the authority to do so.

Here are some of the “don’ts” when addressing a negative review:

Removing the comment: Do not ask the customer to remove the negative review. This will only show that as a company, you do not care about that customer or the situation that occurred.

Blaming the customer: Apologize instead and take responsibility for the situation that occurred. Even if you think the customer is wrong, it is essential for a company to address the situation and create changes to improve your service.

Creating excuses: again, take responsibility because this negative review was written by a customer that may have had a bad experience with your company. Do not try to cover up or turn the negative situation back on the customer.

Ignoring the review: if you ignore it as a company, other customers will see it, and you can lose a significant amount of service. Follow the steps above to address the review appropriately.

Inappropriate tone: because the reply may be online or even over the phone, maintaining a tone will help you address the issue.

Even though it may be difficult, responding to a negative review appropriately is vital for maintaining the integrity and image of your business. It is crucial for a business to interact with their customers online; it will only help them in the long run. The One Question Reputation App can help you address and even keep negative reviews from occurring. Visit the website to learn more about how the app can benefit your business.

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