Benefits of Online Reputation Management

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Many businesses fear the internet because of online reviews. Today, the internet is one of the largest influences in a business’ success. Many angry customers take to the internet to write bad reviews and can influence a potential customer’s decision. However, negative reviews won’t hurt you as much as you might think – if you know how to handle the situation.

Online reputation management consists many different elements. Even if you haven’t had any negative reviews yet, you shouldn’t put off reputation management. Social media is on the rise, so businesses need to use it to engage with their consumers and build a strong online reputation. Plus, there a number of reputation management services to help your business, like the One Question Reputation App.

Reputation management is about more than battling negative comments and generating positive reviews; it’s about building a reputation that confirms the business’ values and addresses the needs of the target market. If your business isn’t focusing on online reputation management, you are missing out on a number of benefits:

  1. Build Trust

    70% of consumers trust others’ online reviews – which is why you should always answer customers’ feedback. By utilizing reputation management, you can build trust among consumers. If you use a reputation management service, they can help any positive review about your business or services go viral! Once word spreads, you will build the trust needed to boost up your business. A strong online reputation that increases trust means that there’s a higher chance of cold visitors turning into customers.

  2. Eliminate Negative Reviews

    You may not be able to delete bad reviews, but you can manage them. Respond to your customers publicly in a friendly and apologetic manner. This will show others that your business takes the time to listen and respond to feedback. Plus, reputation management services can help push negative reviews down, so they won’t show up near the top.

  3. Address Complaints Fast Through Online Reputation Management

  4. Address Complaints Fast

    If you are on top of everything, you will be able to respond to customers quickly and efficiently. Don’t let a negative review be stagnant for months on end, and have a real conversation with the customer online. If you still don’t believe us, believe these numbers.

    71% of consumers who received a quick response from a brand on social media said they would recommend it to others. 50% of consumers will wait just one week to hear back from a business before they decide to stop doing business with them. 25% of social media users expect a response from a business within the same day they have left a complaint online. If someone complained in person, you would handle the situation quickly, so why wouldn’t you do the same online?

  5. Gain Online Visibility

    Did you know that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online? By managing your online reputation, you have the opportunity to reach almost every potential customer in your area! Even when people have been referred to a business, some will search online to learn more about the company before making the phone call. The more active you are online, the better your chances are of showing up.

  6. Promote Positive Digital Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

  7. Promote Positive Digital Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

    Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most trusted form of advertising. However, digital word-of-mouth advertising can spread much faster and wider. You don’t want your negative reviews to go viral, which is why you need to be managing your reputation online. You have the opportunity to make positive testimonials about your business spread like wildfire and the monitor what others are saying.

  8. Build Your Brand Reputation

    By responding to customers online, you are showing that your customers matter. A great online reputation helps businesses establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Businesses have the ability to become easily recognizable and rise above the competition. Don’t let your brand identity suffer, and be proactive online.

Secure Your Reputation with the One Question Reputation App

The One Question Reputation App (OQRA) is a mobile app that allows businesses to receive customer feedback in real time. OQRA is literally one question, so customers can complete the survey quickly and easily! They will also have the opportunity to leave a text or video review, which can help improve the business’ authenticity!

One of the main benefits of OQRA is that only the positive reviews get posted online. The negative reviews are sent to the manager immediately, so the manager can solve the issue in real time – before the angry customer vents on the internet. If angry customers leave your business happy, they will be more likely to write a positive review about their experience and will continue to use your business in the future.

Restaurants, medical groups, auto repair shops, and other businesses have benefited from OQRA. If you want to build a positive online reputation, call us at 210-582-5842 or visit!

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