Benefits to your Business

... Helps you stay in touch with customers to inform them of specials…and grows your business!

Receive customer feedback in real time. It’s simple.


Use it from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


The App will feature and promote your brand.

Text, Audio or Video Review

Customers can give text, audio or video reviews. The reviews can be shared on social media.

What is the One Question Reputation App?

It is the most cost-effective, efficient way to stay on top of how your customers feel about your customer service. And let’s face it, the only differentiator in business today is customer service.

About 88 % of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust a personal recommendation! And if you have many positive reviews, Google will rank you higher.


The best reviews will show up on your website

Google will recognize your best reviews and display them on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

People can fake text reviews but audio reviews cannot be fake.

Real people and their voices are more compelling than text reviews.

Video Reviews

Seeing is believing, real people with their family and friends create the most compelling reason to come to your business.

Admin Dashboard

Net Promoter

Know Your Brands' Promoters and Detractors. Convert Promoters to Advocates!


Daily, Weekly or Monthly reports on all reviews to your Inbox.

Customize User

You can change the text on all screens of the mobile app to appeal to your customers.

Auto-response with Coupons/Specials

Send coupons or just plain Thank You to your customers automatically.

Social Interaction

Know which social channels like Facebook, Pinterest etc. are most popular among your customers.

Manager Reviews for Multiple Locations

Learn what is working and not working across different stores. Use that insight to improve all locations.

3 Simple Steps

You can post Text, Audio or Video Review. All reviews are searchable on Google and Bing!!

Step 1: SignUp
Step 2: Rate Your Experience
Step 3: Finish Your Review

I was able to identify unhappy customers for my restaurant before they left our premises and my manager called them and converted them happy customers. I can’t even put the value on it. Also, this has been the most cost effective solution with reviews on our website that helped us with search rankings as well.

Adrian Martinez Smoke Restaurant

This has been a great tool for my clients to connect with their customers by having a database of everyone who comes to their retail outlets. The dashboard is very user friendly and I am able to schedule reports for them to everything comes to their Inbox. The negatives reviews have gone down by 50% in the first 2 months which is amazing!!

Scott Keeler Growth Consulting

There are a lot of fake reviews out there and people don’t know what to trust. The audio and video reviews cannot be faked and they are truly authentic. It took only a couple of minutes to do the review, so customers loved it!! Great job at keeping it simple.

John Herchman Franchisee Owner
Chef Brian West

Discusses Why Customers Hesitate To Give Feedback

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